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Starting time and place

The start is at Hvalsø Hallen (Hvalsø Sports Arena) and will commence at the following times:

Marathon at 9.45, warm up at 9.35

½ marathon at 12.00, warm up at 11.50

¼ marathon at 12.15, warm up at 12.05

5 km at 12.15, warm up together with ¼ marathon

Remember the clock doesn’t start ticking until you pass ’Start’ so there is no need to push.

Orienteering for Kids is between 10.30-13.30. You can sign up in this period of time (no timing, no start number – you will get a map in the orienteering tent in front of the sports arena)



The start number can be collected in the arena. The chip is attached to the back of the start number.

Please bring this receipt with you when you collect your start number. REMEMBER YOUR START NUMBER

In addition, pre-ordered T-shirts can be collected. Please show up early but not before 9.00.


Changing rooms

Hvalsøhallerne, Skolevej 5, Hvalsø.

It is possible to store valuables in the arena.

Remember a bag to store your clothes in the arena.


Public transportation

The train stops at Hvalsø Station approximately every 30 minutes. Check www.rejseplanen.dk for details.

From Hvalsø Station it takes 5-10 minutes to walk to Hvalsø Hallen. Follow the signs.



Find more details on the website under ’Kørevejledning’.

Please do not park on the parking lots belonging to Brugsen or Fakta, since these super markets are open on Sundays.

Please follow the directions provided by the parking officials.

It may take up to 5-10 minutes to walk from the parking area to the arena.



You can get more information on www.skovloeberen.dk.

The Information desk in Hvalsø Hallen is open from 9.00 on the 1st of September.


The course

The race takes place on forest roads; some of which are paved but most of them are gravelled. Occasionally there may be holes, roots or rocks on the road, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to the road!

Route maps can be copied from the webpage but there are many officials to guide you in the forest. You participate at your own risk.


Hydration and energy

There are drink stations every 5 km with water, energy drinks and bananas. On the half- and full marathon routes, there are also cokes and candy at two of the stations - even a morning sharpener at Gyldenløveshøj, should you be in the mood for that!

In the finish area, there are drinks, fruit and chocolate bars for all the runners.


Personal drinks

It is possible to have your own drinks brought to the drink stations on the full marathon route.

The drinks need to be handed in at the sports arena no later than 9.30.



We recommend that audience take a look at Skovløberen’s website where there are various suggestions as well as route maps.

There is a cafe in the finish area on the first floor with beer, water, coffee, cake, hotdogs, etc.



The finish area is located at Hvalsø Hallen. When you have passed the finish line, you are guided through a finish portal where you are registered.


Results and diploma

After the race you can download your own personal diploma from SPORTI where you can also see your finishing time and more: http://results.sporti.dk/results.aspx?CId=72&RId=5022


Medals for marathon and half marathon made of wood, and medals made of metal to all the rest.

There will be medals for all who complete the marathon distance. Half medals for all who complete the half marathon.

There is an ice cream to all children up to the age of 15. You get an ice cream ticket when you collect your start number/orienteering map. The ice cream can be picked up in the cafe above the sports arena.


Award of prizes

The award of prizes takes place in the finish area at 13.15 (in case of rain it will be inside the sports arena – no, there will not be rain this year!)

There are prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.



Skovløberen Marathon takes place again on 6 September 2020.

Mark your calendar already now. You will get an e-mail when it’s possible to register.


Thank you to all who help with prizes, affordable prices, loan of cars, etc.: Løberen, SuperBrugsen Hvalsø, Skoemagerkroen, NunoSport, Hornbeer Øl, Hvalsø Apotek, Sagnlandet, Junckerhaven, Søren Jepsen, etc.

And especially to the over 100 volunteers who help out as officials, water carriers and so much more



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